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Our Story

Welcome to Malek’s Bakery, which has been providing kosher treats to the Rochester community since 1977!

Founded by Ms. Lea Malek, a holocaust survivor from Hungary, Malek’s opened at 1795 Monroe in what had previously been a bakery owned by Herman Storer. Ms. Malek and her team of bakers produced cookies and pastries for every day treats, as well as breads and cakes for the Jewish sabbath and holidays.


In 2002, Ms. Malek sold the bakery to her long-time baker, Hoang Ngo, who adhered faithfully to her recipes and kosher standards. When Mr. Ngo was ready to retire in 2022, the bakery was purchased by the Hillel Community Day School, another storied institution of the Rochester Jewish Community.


Both Ms. Malek and Mr. Ngo described the partnership of Malek's Bakery and Hillel Community Day School as "the perfect fit."  Hillel School, they both said, has a deep love for the Bakery and wants to see Malek's and Brighton's communities continue to improve and grow. 


Today, Malek’s continues to serve the Rochester community, from kosher-observant Jews to folks who appreciate that the bakery is strictly dairy-free, to neighbors along the Monroe corridor popping in for a danish or a cow cookie. 

Stop in to enjoy a taste of Rochester history.
We’d love to meet you!

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