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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of your baked goods kosher?

Because Malek's Bakery is fully certified as kosher, our staff must be sure that all kosher milk products come from kosher animals and do not contain non-kosher additives. Milk products cannot contain meat products or derivatives (for example, various cheeses are manufactured with animal fats and this would not be allowed). Bread is not allowed to contain meat or dairy (pareve). Our Bread and Challah are without either because bread is a staple food in many Jewish households, and is usually paired with dairy or meat.

This is just a fraction of what a kosher bakery is required to do. Two of every tool, such as whisks, slicers, bowls, and boards, are needed and kept separately for both dairy and pareve (non-dairy/non-meat) items. Each culinary device is color-coded to indicate which can be used to create dairy and non-dairy baked goods. Our in-store, product showcase offers customers our mouthwatering creations, with separate color-coded trays to designate the dairy from the non-dairy.

To adhere to these rules, Malek's Bakery only purchases products that are certified by widely accepted kosher organizations.  On top of that, the bakery utilizes Rabbi Mammon to oversee our production, separation of dough, and sales. Our Rabbinical oversight also ensures that the bakery makes no mistake in cross-contaminating dairy with non-dairy and follows the rules that are set out in the Torah.

There are many specifications to producing kosher baked goods, but for Malek's Bakery, this is our day-to-day routine and a standard the bakery committed to when it first opened in 1977.

How do I keep my bakery purchases fresh?

When bringing home Malek's baked goods, we want to help ensure that you know how to properly store your bread, cake, cookies, and more so that they don’t age quicker than you’d like. We recommend that you store them in a tight-fitting container and that you never store them the fridge, as this will dry out baked goods).

For items that you might not consume within the next two days, we recommend storing them in the freezer.  Freezing has been used as a preservative method by those in cold climates for centuries, and it’s still a fantastic way to keep your baked goods in great shape without affecting flavor or adding anything that might cause unpleasant side effects. The key to freezing baked goods so they maintain their freshness is to limit the item’s exposure to air. For example, you’ll want to wrap a loaf of bread as tightly as possible with foil and then keep it stored in a freezer-safe, sealed plastic bag

Do you make any vegan items?

Not at this time.

Do you offer gluten free items?

We currently do not offer any gluten-free items at our bakery, but with enough interest, we might consider adding these items to our menu.  If you are interested in Malek's Bakery carrying gluten-free items, send us an email or give us a call to share your opinion.

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